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DMK Limited Mediterranean Pearls Foaming Cleanser is a mild cleansing gel infused with Vitamin B enriched microspheres that easily dissolve as they gently buff your skin and loosen dead skin, dirt and makeup. The mild foaming action then lifts the debris and easily rinses away, leaving the skin hydrated, clean and refreshed without feeling dry o..
Specifically designed for those who suffer from oily skin, open pores and congestion, acu masque is a refreshing at home treatment that can be used by most skin types. By working to absorb excess oils and dissolve dead skin cells, acu masque works to revise the functions of the skin - not just the surface. By dissolving dead skin cells, acu ..
This effective acne-fighting formulation is the first step in the Acu-System routine. Formulated with calming Aloe Extract to reduce redness and inflammation, ACU-KLENZ also contains Tea Tree, Castor Seed, Thyme and Rosemary extract to encourage pore cleansing and sebum control. AKU-KLENZ is designed to fight acne-causing bacteria leaving you wi..
Designed to dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts, ACU-KLEAR is an important step in the Acu-System routine. By applying a thin layer of ACU-KLEAR after cleansing with ACU-KLENZ, this treatment can be applied to acne-affected areas both morning and night. ..
Congested skin needs anything but a heavy, oily moisturiser, that’s why DMK developed ACU-MOIST, a light, non-greasy daily crème. For skin’s suffering from over-drying as well as over-oily skins, ACU-MOIST is a light and gentle moisturiser that aims to balance the moisture levels within the skin. ..
Designed to help acne sufferers restore the very important acid mantle (which acts as a barrier against bacteria, and other potential contaminants) as well as protect against trans epidermal water loss, ACU-MIST is a crucial part of the Acu-System routine. ..
ACU-THERM is the ultimate deep pore cleansing tool which softens blind pimples and congested acne which can often be hard to extract. What does this mean? It means your pimples will be gone faster than you can say “DMK” - without the need to squeeze! ..
Actrol powder is specifically formulated to reduce excess sebaceous oils and fluids. Suitable for oily, sensitive or acne prone skin, actrol powder absorbs oil by removing the excessive shine associated with excess oil production. By eliminating the moist, damp environment in which bacteria thrives, the incidence of blemishes may also be red..
This light, non-greasy plant extract-based moisturiser is designed for oily skin and skin which is prone to breakouts. acu crème is a water-based moisturiser which keeps young skin hydrated, helping to unclog congestion. Since a correctly balanced acid mantle is the best form of protection your skin has against bacteria, acu crème aims to ai..
Beta gel has been formulated particularly for sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. Designed to trigger the revision of damaged skin, beta gel works to help reduce swelling, redness and inflammation within the skin. beta gel is packed with vitamin B and C and a highly potent beta glucan B6 yeast wall extract. Beta glucan is an anti-inflammatory..
Revise your skin with this synergistic blend of stabilised Vitamin C. Recommended for men and women of all ages, direct delivery vitamin c serum revises wrinkles and fine lines working towards a brighter skin tone and firmer texture. ..
Formulated to stimulate tired, dull and stressed skin, biogen c crème is a nourishing crème designed to revise wrinkles and fine lines. Containing arnica, valerian and chamomile, the crème acts as a tranquiliser for stressed skin. Containing vitamins C and E, essential fatty acids, proteins and fermented orange oil, biogen c crème works to i..
crème citrique is a unique, rich formulation that works to revise the skin’s pH balance and regulate oil flow. Compounded with fermented orange peel, crème citrique’s gentle citric action is designed to brighten and tone the skin. The brightening element makes the crème particularly suitable for those with a naturally high oil secretion,..
Originally formulated as a water retaining facial crème for extremely dry, dehydrated skin, hydrophilic crème has been revised and re-formulated to suite most skin types. Containing vitamins A and D, as well as rich fractionated botanical oils, hydrophilic crème helps to seal in maximum moisture. With the ability to retain ten times its weig..
Designed to revise firmness and elasticity within the skin, nite firming crème is an antioxidant rich crème recommended for those whose skin is showing the effects of ageing and environmental damage. DMK nite firming crème contains proanthacyanides - super antioxidants which are fifty times more powerful than vitamin E. These antioxidants ai..
Used to revise hyper-pigmentation, melanoplex crème is recommended for those with darker skin, as well as those who are genetically inclined to pigmentation. A blend of natural oils and kojic acid - known for its skin brightening capabilities, melanoplex crème also aims to help balance unevenness on dry and ageing skin. Apply morning and night w..
Designed to encourage free water levels, pro amino crème aims to maintain a balanced, youthful complexion. Containing citric acid obtained from fermented orange oil, pro amino crème aims to encourage hydration, as well as brighten the skin tissue. Furthermore, this popular crème also contains the eight essential amino acids, proteins and vit..
put the fire out with red vein crème A combination of plant-based active ingredients, red vein crème aims to assist in revising redness and bruising in the skin. Ingredient: Niacin Part of the B group of vitamins, niacin contains nicotinic acid which aids tissue oxygenation through increased blood flow. This leads to the strengthening ..
A revolutionary, and now more potent, blend of botanical ingredients, super bright is an advanced night crème recommended for those concerned with pigmentation, sun-damage and uneven skin tone. Renowned for its skin brightening capabilities, super bright now contains a higher concentration of vitamin C; making it DMK’s best brightening formu..
Deep Pore Pure cleanser is a water based foaming cleanser made from botanical and herbal extracts. This non-alkaline cleanser uses its herbal properties to loosen and lift away impurities caused by dead cells, excess sebum and make-up residue. ..
milky clean & pure is a milk based cleanser made from botanical and herbal extracts. Recommended for reactive skin types, milky clean & pure cleanses the skin without the need for harsh abrasive granules and scrubbing - ideal for delicate skins. milky clean & pure is a gentle Lauryl, Laureth Sulfate, artificial colourant and Paraben ..
This paramedical formulation works to drawer impurities and toxins out of the skin in just three minutes. The natural sea salt component in dermatox works to remove poisons and free-radical causing pollutants from the epidermal layers of the skin. dermatox is also a rich source of minerals and potassium, which is essential in assisting the preve..
Fine Line Crème is a hydrating crème designed to smooth fine lines and revise the visible signs of ageing. Providing your skin with a fresh, supple, youthful appearance, fine line crème also aims to revise the tissue while retaining maximum moisture. Formulated with a rich blend of apricot and avocado pulp, along with corn oil, this crème co..
Retosin aims to balance the skin by exfoliating and allowing fluids to flow freely. retosin uses a botanical base to dissolve dry and dead skin cells. The regenerative properties of retinol (vitamin A) are known to address P-acne bacteria and regulate the flow of oil and cellular proliferation. Unlike other vitamin A products, retosin does not p..
Exfoliate and Regulate Revise-A provides effective exfoliation while aiming to regulate cell proliferation. This advanced formulation contains the latest technology and breakthrough ingredients to combat and fight against the ageing process. revise-A contains essential ingredients which provide your skin with necessary Lactic Acid. V..
This gel formulation aims to provide the skin with a diet of skin supporting nutrients. This specialised gel moisturiser is formulated to revise deficiencies in the skin’s essential elements; solar damage gel aims to enhance the natural water barrier and defences of the skin. Suitable for skin that has been compromised by age, harmful ul..
Calerase Crème can help to rid your skin of unsightly, rough and thickened areas on your body by working in two special ways. Firstly, calerase crème aids in exfoliating rough areas, helping to shed those scaly spots and give you sumptuous, silken skin. Secondly, wheat germ oil assists in nourishing new skin cells, to prevent. ..
Healthy skin starts within. What makes efa+ so good? DMK contains Evening Primrose Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil and Vitamin E. Evening Primrose Oil is considered to be the best source of Omega Fatty Acids while Vitamin E performs its functions as an antioxidant. Seabuckthorn Oil has also been incorporated due to its high concentration of vi..
In accordance with the DMK concept, the primary focus of eye tone is to revise the skin around the eyes to encourage it to function like it did when it was young. Eye tone is designed to target dark circles, fine lines, redness and puffy bags under the eyes to have you looking fresh, rested and youthful. Eye tone helps to promote normal ..
DMK’s Herb & Mineral Mist is a life force for your skin. This botanical spray contains vitamins, minerals and all-important water; the formula is designed to imitate the sudoriferous sweat gland that supplies us with one half of our natural acid mantle. herb & mineral mist is a unique mineral and vitamin formulation that, when ab..
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