Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer online sales for DMK skincare however if you would like to order DMK skincare please contact us by phone (07) 3379 1609 or by email info@skinreveal.com.au. We offer Complimentary Skin Consultations and Free Express Delivery with all orders over $100

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Herbal pigment oil aims to revise the appearance of pigmented areas such as dark circles underneath and around the eyes. herbal pigment oil can also be used to help lighten dark patches on the knees and elbows as well as scars that have darkened in the sun. Apart from working to even skin tone, herbal pigment oil is also a superior lip nouri..
Seba-e contains a fractionated blend of herbal lipids & vitamin E designed to replicate the skin’s natural sebum; these ingredients serve to nourish and hydrate your skin whilst protecting it from the harsh effects of the environment. seba-e and herb & mineral mist aim to nourish the skin, which can be stripped during professional tr..
Clear out and refine your pores Thanks to DMK you can do something about those blackheads. By working to tighten the pores, DMK pore reduction drops can minimise those nasty blackheads. Here’s how: DMK pore reduction is an ionised solution containing an effective blend of herbal properties. This combination works to reduce the appear..
Applied under Melanoplex Creme daily, Melanoplex Drops deliver the same pigmentation prohibiting powers as the professional product - at one half the strength. The combination of drops and creme accelerates the fading of dark areas for those who have passive or more severe hyperpigmentation. Not recommended for young, sensitive skins with minor ..
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