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Ready to tackle almost any skin emergency, betagen crème contains a beta glucan concentration which works to reduce swelling and minimise trauma by stimulating the skin’s natural immune defense system. With the soothing properties of shea butter and chamomile extract, the antioxidant rich crème is not only ideal for environmentally damaged s..
Formulated to stimulate tired, dull and stressed skin, biogen c crème is a nourishing crème designed to revise wrinkles and fine lines. Containing arnica, valerian and chamomile, the crème acts as a tranquiliser for stressed skin. Containing vitamins C and E, essential fatty acids, proteins and fermented orange oil, biogen c crème works to i..
crème citrique is a unique, rich formulation that works to revise the skin’s pH balance and regulate oil flow. Compounded with fermented orange peel, crème citrique’s gentle citric action is designed to brighten and tone the skin. The brightening element makes the crème particularly suitable for those with a naturally high oil secretion,..
Originally formulated as a water retaining facial crème for extremely dry, dehydrated skin, hydrophilic crème has been revised and re-formulated to suite most skin types. Containing vitamins A and D, as well as rich fractionated botanical oils, hydrophilic crème helps to seal in maximum moisture. With the ability to retain ten times its weig..
Designed to revise firmness and elasticity within the skin, nite firming crème is an antioxidant rich crème recommended for those whose skin is showing the effects of ageing and environmental damage. DMK nite firming crème contains proanthacyanides - super antioxidants which are fifty times more powerful than vitamin E. These antioxidants ai..
Used to revise hyper-pigmentation, melanoplex crème is recommended for those with darker skin, as well as those who are genetically inclined to pigmentation. A blend of natural oils and kojic acid - known for its skin brightening capabilities, melanoplex crème also aims to help balance unevenness on dry and ageing skin. Apply morning and night w..
Designed to encourage free water levels, pro amino crème aims to maintain a balanced, youthful complexion. Containing citric acid obtained from fermented orange oil, pro amino crème aims to encourage hydration, as well as brighten the skin tissue. Furthermore, this popular crème also contains the eight essential amino acids, proteins and vit..
put the fire out with red vein crème A combination of plant-based active ingredients, red vein crème aims to assist in revising redness and bruising in the skin. Ingredient: Niacin Part of the B group of vitamins, niacin contains nicotinic acid which aids tissue oxygenation through increased blood flow. This leads to the strengthening ..
A revolutionary, and now more potent, blend of botanical ingredients, super bright is an advanced night crème recommended for those concerned with pigmentation, sun-damage and uneven skin tone. Renowned for its skin brightening capabilities, super bright now contains a higher concentration of vitamin C; making it DMK’s best brightening formu..
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