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This paramedical formulation works to drawer impurities and toxins out of the skin in just three minutes. The natural sea salt component in dermatox works to remove poisons and free-radical causing pollutants from the epidermal layers of the skin. dermatox is also a rich source of minerals and potassium, which is essential in assisting the preve..
Fine Line Crème is a hydrating crème designed to smooth fine lines and revise the visible signs of ageing. Providing your skin with a fresh, supple, youthful appearance, fine line crème also aims to revise the tissue while retaining maximum moisture. Formulated with a rich blend of apricot and avocado pulp, along with corn oil, this crème co..
Retosin aims to balance the skin by exfoliating and allowing fluids to flow freely. retosin uses a botanical base to dissolve dry and dead skin cells. The regenerative properties of retinol (vitamin A) are known to address P-acne bacteria and regulate the flow of oil and cellular proliferation. Unlike other vitamin A products, retosin does not p..
Exfoliate and Regulate Revise-A provides effective exfoliation while aiming to regulate cell proliferation. This advanced formulation contains the latest technology and breakthrough ingredients to combat and fight against the ageing process. revise-A contains essential ingredients which provide your skin with necessary Lactic Acid. V..
This gel formulation aims to provide the skin with a diet of skin supporting nutrients. This specialised gel moisturiser is formulated to revise deficiencies in the skin’s essential elements; solar damage gel aims to enhance the natural water barrier and defences of the skin. Suitable for skin that has been compromised by age, harmful ul..
Calerase Crème can help to rid your skin of unsightly, rough and thickened areas on your body by working in two special ways. Firstly, calerase crème aids in exfoliating rough areas, helping to shed those scaly spots and give you sumptuous, silken skin. Secondly, wheat germ oil assists in nourishing new skin cells, to prevent. ..
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